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Borrowing Medical Books

Let books visit you

More than 100 medical books (just as a start) of the most recommended, valued and best seller titles available to members to borrow. Stop losing your money in buying the very expensive medical books or suffering reading dull photocopied books. Books do travel back and forth to your place!

Cooperative Purchasing

Together we own the bargaining power

This innovative service presents medical consumables (and sooner other professional needs as equipment and books) to members with very low price than retailers by collecting items needed by members and purchasing them in large quantities from the main suppliers.

Syndicate Services

Services Logistic Support

Time is money and all the medical professional are short in time. We provide all the needed syndicates services as renewing the syndicates’ ID cards and subscribing in the Syndicate Members’ Health Care Project (and sooner other logistic services) to your door.